Duane J Henk, MD

Dr. Duane Henk was born in Shellake, WI and graduated from Southern Illinois University. He obtained his Medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine where he was awarded M.D. with Honors Family Medicine. He spent his residency at Anderson Family Medicine, where he then was awarded the outstanding teaching residency award in 1994-1995. His fellowship was spent with Surgical Endoscopy at John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. During his internships he initiated advanced procedures: Colonoscopy, EGD, direct laryngoscopy, and cardiac testing.  He was chosen to teach direct nasapharyngoscopy to residents. His medical honors and recognitions in medical school were; President and Founder of SIU Chapter National Student Dermatology Association in 1991,  Co-Chairman of SIU Family Practice Interest Group 1991-1992, Honors in Family Practice Clerkship 1991, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians Representative for Southern Illinois University 1991, General Assembly Scholarship 1991-1992, and Southern Illinois University Tuition Scholarship 1990-1991. Dr. Henk is board certified by South Carolina Board of Family Medicine.  Outside of providing outstanding patient care, he enjoys animal rescue and mountain biking.